Arey Cove in Acadia National Park at Schoodic Point

Arey Cove - Acadia at Schoodic

Arey Cove is on the western side of Schoodic Point in Acadia National Park on the mainland of the State of Maine in Hancock County. It is bordered on the eastern side by Little Moose Island which is also part of the Park. The cove opens to the Gulf of Maine on the southern side making it a good location for viewing and photographing incoming waves from the Gulf of Maine. There are also often many birds and waterfowl.

The above photo shows what the shoreline is like next to the Arey Cove Road. The road hugs the shoreline on the western side with not much room for any kind of parking. A short distance past this point is a large parking area at Schoodic Point.

Arey Cove GPS: 44.337393, -68.056208

More Information:

Right next to Arey Cove and the Arey Cove Road (which continues to Schoodic Point) is the Acadia Drive entrance to the Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park. Their stated mission is “to advance ecosystem science and learning for all ages through a unique partnership with Acadia National Park.” They are an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to advancing ecosystem science and learning. We need more of these, especially in these times.

Schoodic Institute Entrance GPS: 44.336616, -68.056898

All Park visitors are required to pay an entrance fee, or to already have a valid entrance pass. A valid entrance pass covers all occupants in the same non-commercial vehicle. The pass may be purchased in the Welcome Center at Rockefeller Hall at Schoodic Institute Monday - Friday during normal business hours. You may also purchase entrance passes online, or at other locations on Mount Desert Island prior to your visit. See Entrance Passes.

Location map of Arey Cove at Schoodic Peninsula
Little Moose Island and The Cat from Arey Cove
Sunrise at Arey Cove in Acadia National Park
Bird Watcher at Arey Cove in Schoodic


Arey Cove at Schoodic Point

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherRiding through Acadia National Park at Schoodic Peninsula is a real pleasure. The Schoodic Loop Road hugs the coast line all the way around. Often, you may go through a section with trees on both side of the road but then suddenly, it opens up to an open vista with the ocean right beside you. This is the case at Arey Cove. It is right after you turn to the right off the Schoodic Loop Road onto the Arey Cove Road. It opens up on the left side of the road facing east and south. The road continues a short distance until it arrives at the Schoodic Point Parking area. This is the sweet spot of Schoodic.