Seal Harbor, Maine

Seal Harbor, Maine, located on the southeastern part of Mount Desert Island in Hancock County close to Acadia National Park, is a village in the town of Mount Desert which covers 25,699 acres and has an approximate population of 2,146 (per year 2020 census, an increase of 93 over the 2,053 reported in the 2010 census). Many sailboats, yachts, and lobster boats anchor in Seal Harbor adding to the seaside ambiance. A quaint and chic little village offering beautiful peaceful views, it has become the preferred summering place for many of the rich and famous. For “less affluent” locals and visitors alike, the public beach (next to Route 3) offers a less crowded alternative to the better known Sand Beach near the beginning of the Park Loop Road.

Seal Harbor GPS: Latitude 44.296609; Longitude -68.239346

What to See

A couple scenic spots of note is (Little) Long Pond, located on the north side of Route 3, and Stanley Brook which is beside the Stanley Brook Entrance to Acadia National Park. You will often see some cars parked on the right side of the Route 3 immediately to the west of the public beach next to Little Long Pond. There is a Carriage Road here even though it is on private land. People are allowed to walk on this and it is worth it for the spectacular views up ahead on either side of the pond. Use extreme caution when exiting or entering your vehicle while parked here as this is not a normal parking situation and road traffic can be faster than expected. Closer to the public beach is the southern entrance to Acadia National Park. This is a two-way section of the park road that leads to Wildwood Stables and Jordan Pond Restaurant.

Long Pond in Seal Harbor, Maine
Sunlight breaks through the leaves and morning fog


Other than the ocean there are basically three main entry points leading to Seal Harbor. One, is Route 3 coming from Bar Harbor past Jackson Lab and Blackwoods Campground. This is likely the road that you will take. Another is from the Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park at the point where the one-way section changes to two-way next to Wildwood Stables. A road breaks off and heads south. You may continue in this direction until it meets up with Route 3 right next to the public beach area. Or, just as you turn onto this break-off road from the Park Loop Road, there is also an immediate left. This will take you also to Route 3 but just north of the village center. You may also reach Seal Harbor from Northeast Harbor by heading east on Route 3 as it passes through Northeast Harbor.


  • Seal Harbor GPS: Latitude 44.296609; Longitude -68.239346
  • Seal Harbor Library: (207) 276-5306
    5 Main Street, Seal Harbor, ME 04675
  • Mount Desert Town Office: (207) 276-5531
    21 Sea Street, P.O. Box 248, Northeast Harbor, ME 04662
  • Fire Department: (207) 276-5111
  • Mount Desert Chamber of Commerce: (207) 276-5040
  • Churches & Synagogues (Regional)
  • Golf Courses (Regional)
  • Hulls Cove Visitor Center GPS: Latitude 44.409286; Longitude -68.247501
  • Island Explorer Shuttle Bus Service for Mount Desert Island including park

Small Village with Charm

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherOne cannot miss the public beach in Seal Harbor as it is in the middle of town at the main intersection. There are almost always some beautiful yachts in view. Remember, this is the summering village for people like Martha Stewart and a long time home for Fords and Rockefellers. There is a pier a short distance to the South but the road is narrow, especially when meeting a vehicle coming the other way. There are some gorgeous homes up on the hill which one can drive on a winding road just to see how the fortunates live. I actually enjoy Long Pond starting roadside and then along the right side. There are almost always some excellent images to be found here. If I have come from the Park Loop Road, I will often consider a stop at Stanley Brook.

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