Bar Harbor Photos 2

This shows Bar Harbor from the Shore Path, from Main Stree,t as well as views from a distance like Bar Island and Cadillac Mountain. Each of the following “numbers” represent a different page of 9 photos. If using a larger monitor, select images to see larger versions.

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The Shore Path in front of the Bar Harbor Inn
Navigation wheel on dock in Bar Harbor, Maine
View from Park Loop Road in Bar Harbor, Maine
Part of Main Street at Sunrise
Water Fountain in Bar Harbor's Agamont Park
View of Bar Harbor from Bar Island
Old Stone Barn Farm in Bar Harbor
Hiking Trail Boardwalk in Bar Harbor and Acadia
Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain in Bar Harbor

A Dramatic Town Portrait

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherOn this Bar Harbor Photos Page 2, we have an image showing the Shore Path at the water’s edge. This was captured many years ago. At that time, the trees were indeed there but have needed to be removed possibly due to erosion. It still, however, is a dramatic town portrait revealing the essence of this area. Other photos range from an “up-close” shot of some buildings on Main Street, including the famous and long-lasting Geddy’s, the water fountain at the corner of Agamont Park, a view of Bar Harbor from Bar Island, and another from the majestic Cadillac Mountain. Round this off with a very interesting and historic image of the Stone Barn Farm. This shows excellent craftsmanship and is so, so gorgeous.

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