Bar Harbor Photos 3

This Bar Harbor Photos page has four images taken after dark, four during mid-day, and one at sunrise taken from Cadillac Mountain. Each of the following “numbers” represent a different page of 9 photos. If using a larger monitor, select images to see larger versions.

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In The Woods Shop in Bar Harbor, Maine
Agamont Park water fountain in Bar Harbor
Bar Harbor gazebo at night in fog
Bar Harbor, Maine Agamont Park ocean view
Bar Harbor yacht in harbor with Bald Porcupine Island
Main Street next to Village Green in Bar Harbor, Maine
Eagle Lake in Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor
Sunrise over Bar Harbor, Maine seen from Cadillac Mountain
October in in Bar Harbor, Maine showing Sheep Porcupine Island in Acadia

The Old and the New

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherAn interesting aspect of this page is that it shows Spring, Summer and early October. “In The Woods Shop” at the beginning is one of the oldest businesses on Main Street. In between, we have a few images taken in Agamont Park, one at the northern end of Eagle Lake in Acadia National Park, a foggy night shot with the gazebo, and a peaceful blue sparkling scene with a sailing yacht. This covers the whole range of from early morning till late at night.

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