Southwest Harbor Photos 2

Here are 9 more Southwest Harbor, Maine photos. These are captured from the shores of Manset. Return to the first photos group or explore elsewhere.

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Dock at Sunrise with Acadia Mountains
Man rowing boat in harbor
Eastern view of sunrise over pier
peaceful sunrise on harbor
Reflections at pier with sunrise
Southwest Harbor in Manset section
A late afternoon in Southwest Harbor, Maine
yachts in harbor in front of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia
View from the shore

Great Sunrises with Silhouettes

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherIf you take a look at the MDI map, you will notice an excellent harbor exists in Southwest Harbor. It faces the East so sunrises are great here and there are many opportunities to use silhouettes of various kinds. But also see how the shoreline on the southern side extends to the East. This section is called Manset and it creates a perfect vantage point to view yachts entering and exiting Somes Sound. It also offers about a 45 degree angle of view, relative to the rising or setting sun (during peak summer season), of Cadillac Mountain. When the sun sets, it will sometimes bathe the summit in a gorgeous golden hue.