Regulations & Conditions

Access for other park visitors must not be impeded by your wedding. A special use permit is authorization for your ceremony to take place on park lands and does not grant exclusive use of an area. It is recommended that you choose less visited sites and schedule your event early or late in the day if you wish to increase chances for more privacy of your event.

Special use permits may be denied for some Park locations during periods of heavy use (such as during Labor Day weekend, during the period from June 15 - September 15, etc.).

Available parking is limited, often crowded, and not guaranteed. Carpooling or van shuttles are highly recommended and may be required depending on (1) time of year, (2) time of day, and (3) location of the wedding. This will help ensure that your guests arrive on schedule and at the correct location. All vehicles, including motorcycles, must be parked in designated areas only; no off-road parking is allowed. Parking limits are enforced.

Note: Information is from Official National Park website as of 4/16/2012:

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Wedding Planning

Exercising good planning is the key to having a smooth ceremony. Utilize the main Acadia Weddings or Bar Harbor Weddings page to make importation connections with vendors and to get the needed legal and permit information. It cannot be understated as to the advantage of connecting up with a professional wedding ceremony planner in the area who already has all of the connections. Check out the different categories on the main weddings page.

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