Jordan Pond Gallery 2

This next set of nine photos shows Jordan Pond, Jordan Pond House and the Bubbles in Acadia National Park. Tap or "click" any image to access more information about that image and a larger size. The following link will return to the first nine photos.

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Reflection of the Bubbles at Jordan Pond in Acadia
Classic view of Jordan Pond and The Bubbles in Acadia National Park
Close up view of Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park
Clouds reflected in Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park
Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park
Jordan Pond House and Pemetic Mountain
A view of people dining on lawn at the Jordan Pond House restaurant in Acadia
Some of the large boulders in Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park
The boardwalk of Jordan Pond Trail in Acadia

A Variety of Scenics

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherThis next set of nine Jordan Pond Photos begins with a very peaceful view of the Bubble Mountains reflected on the pond. The view is from the shoreside hiking trail that is on the eastern side of the pond. The next image is a more classic view from the southern end, just down from the Jordan Pond House. The third is another image capture from the hiking trail. The exposed roots of the tree make this very interesting. Because this lake was formed by a huge glacier many thousands of years ago, there are many boulders as shown is several of the images. This image grouping also has three images of the Jordan Pond House - one from the front, one from the back, and another showing people being served on the lawn that overlooks the pond.

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